Sunday, May 11, 2008

Naughty Text Messages

  • Sex is like a restaurant, sometimes you get good service, sometimes bad service, sometimes no service, and sometimes you have to be happy with SELF SERVICE.
  • The Elephant asked the camel "Why do you have boobs on you back?" The camel laughed and replied, "What a good question from someone with a big Dick on his face."
  • QUESTION: Whats the difference between stress, fear and panic? ANSWER: Stress is when your wife is pregnant, fear is when your girlfriend is pregnant, and panic when both are pregnant.
  • man1: My wife is crazy with cars. While asleep, holds my dick and says "primera, segunda"
    man2; Mine is worse. While asleep, takes my dick and says "Full tank Please!"
  • Teacher: What do you call a person who keeps on talking even when people are no longer interested?
    Student: A teacher
    Teacher: ohh, i see! You son of a bitch! Get one whole sheet of MANILA PAPER long quiz, back to back.


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