Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Morning Greetings SMS Quotes

  • Wake up with slime or with a smile. Stand up on your feet or stand by your faith. Blast people or bless them. The choice is yours, do the best. Good Morning!
  • Live each day with a smile and enjoy each passing moment… Everything that happens today won’t happen again tomorrow. Good Morning!
  • God created us with his wonderful hands… He is the potter, we are the clay. Good morning to one of God’s wonderful creation!
  • Like Birds, let’s leave behind what we don’t need to carry, grudges, sadness, pain, fear, and regrets. Fly light, Life is beautiful.
  • Life has no rewinds and forwards. It unfolds itself at its own pace. So never miss a chance to live today and make a beautiful story for tomorrow.


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